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We overcome the soil problem in Karamay devil city

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Brother trains made best quality wheeled trains for the Karamay devil city. Which could safely transfer over 10 thousands passengers everyday.

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The Karamay Devil City originally came from the Mongolian. They are all fantasy terrain sculpted by time, space, wind and water, as well as fantasy sound effects, as if they came from another world. And like the very special geographical condition of this place, the construction of the transportation system is also a very special mission for the Brother trains. Not exactly same as any other valleys, this valley is This is a typical Yadan landform area. “Yadan” means “hills with steep walls” in local language. It’s a type of wind erosion landform formed below. Which means the territory is full of uncertainties. We organized a speciality team with 2 engineers, 1 geographic consultant, 3 railroad builders and the project manager. They stayed in the Xinjiang city for over months, for a better learning of the local conditions. They surpriesily found out the weather in the morning and the afternoon differs drastically in xingjiang. The temperature could drop from 38 degrees to – 10 degrees in the same day. To react with that, the team came out with a plan that changes 2 tires daily. Which could avoid the accident efficiently. And also the enhanced window glasses improvement for the coaches. In case the strong wind hurt the passengers when the train drives in the valley.

There is a beautiful fantasy story about the Devil City. It tells that it turned out to be a majestic castle. The men in the castle are handsome and strong. The women in the castle are beautiful and kind. The people in the castle are diligent in their work and live a worry-free life full of food and clothing. However, with the accumulation of wealth, evil gradually occupied people’s hearts. They began to indulge in fun and wine, in order to compete for wealth, the city was full of scams and bloody fights, and everyone’s faces became terrible. In order to arouse people’s conscience, Tenjin came to the castle as a ragged beggar. The gods told people that it was evil that made him a beggar from a rich man, but the beggar’s words did not work, but were insulted and mocked by the people in the castle. The gods turned this place into ruins in anger, and everyone in the castle was crushed under the ruins.

One said, every night, the souls of death mourned in the castle, hoping that the gods would hear their confession. The evolution of our trains is also has the same wish as the beautiful story that remains the beauty of our products forever and ever.


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