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Brother train is chosen by the Great Wall

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@ the Great Wall

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The great wall raise a competition for its new project’s traffic solution. Brother train won from 200 participators.

In 2016, the Great Wall management team announced that as the opening of new tourism zone, they need a traffic solution team as supporter. After the news was published, thousands of enterprises and individuals went to sign up for the competition. Because the meaning of this event is not only economically gaining as other projects. But also an everlasting proud fro the winner since it has the chance to work for our No.1 national treasure, the Great Wall.

The competition was fiercer than our technician imagined. After the first round, the competitors size-downed to 200. Which means 90% of the participators were knocked off. We survived with our rich background of the tourism traffic field. The theme went harder and harder as the competition passed. The last round was about to come up with a model vehicle which could represent the Great Wall perfectly.

Brother absorbed the inspiration from the origin of the Great Wall. In the Qin Dynasty, the emperor Zheng wanted an offense construction for his new war. The people usedthe term “Long Wall” () torefer to both the great walls built between and north of the war states and to the unified construction of the King Zheng. The Great Wall is considered as the most significant symbol of the Chinese religion–Han. It is not only a landmark that remains over thousands of years. But also a spiritual presentation of Chinese people’s heart.

The CEO took very serious of this competition. Which he even join the invention team himself, as an former engineer. The time was very tight since we got only two month to both design and producing. The bright idea came to our leading designer all of a sudden, he suggested the automatic electrical driving plan. Because at the time, global warming was coming into people’s horizon, and become more and more recognized by the tourism industry. The air pollution of tourism vehicles are more and more published by many media. The electrical plan was very fresh. Which is an absolute revolution in the tourism train industry. Because the power of the machine is overly big, where the electric engine technologies were not enough to realize that. We went to the Guangdong province to seek for help. And we found one engine company who makes electric power professionally, but only cooperates withexporting business.

After a long period f struggle, we finally built connection with that company. And they answered to design one system for our trains specially. Which could driven a maximum 3 coaches train group and turning with relatively practical radius.

The excellent teamwork of Brother trains and the external engine company won the NO.1 place of the whole crew. This prize is absolutely a milestone of our company because as a Chinese enterprise, theres not much honor can compare with work for out national treasure–the Great Wall.

Now Brother trains running in the Great Wall tourist area day to day with proud and profession.


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