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Brother train defined the tourism railroad rule in Hebei Huangjinzhai

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Chinese amusement rides and leisure rides makings used to be very unregulated.  As the first generation of producers in the industry, Tianjin Brother train participated organizing the national amusement rides association. And Brother made rules of maximum speed and turning radius in the field.



In the International tourist train market. Main marketers are most form Europe, where the regulations are very strict from ancient time. Also the manufacturing times are moderated by the governments. But China ob the other hand, has been lacking of regulations for many years. 

As first generation of the producers in the tourism industry. Tianjin brother train has realized the importance of regulations at a very early age. As the star product of the company is wheeled train, we speedily contacted peer companies to draft a paper of regulations of amusement rides. 

The very first days of the project , chimelong has not yet have an planation of wildlife park traffic. Chimelong  World is located in Panyu, Guangzhou, covering an area of more than 133 hectares, with nearly 70 amusement facilities. The equipments were  world’s leading qualities. How ever the size of it was too big, the walking distance us hard to accept for a lot of Chinese customers at that time. As a result, the sale of the tickets were very low. compare to the investments. Brother train was the very first company which produce tourism vehicles professionally in China. By the introduce of the Joyful valley purchasing manager. The chimelong project planner came to our door. 
At first the land size and the volume of visitors were problems for Brother train. We have never serviced a big project like this since back in the 90s, China was not very advanced. The capacity of brother train’s each coach need to be increased as soon as possible. We found a student team from the local technology university, came to our factory to study the maximum capacity of our trains. With the respect of safety and functionality. After a month, we increased the power of the locomotive by exchanging the engine brand.  We negotiated with the American famous engine producer representative, Cummins. It was not a simple mission, since back then, not a lot of foreign brands were happy to sell to China, especially American ones. After another long period of negotiating meeting and preparing. We finally launched our loire series 30C trains. They were capable to install 28 passengers on each coach and the total capacity can reach 74 persons. This series is still the star product of our company since it has the most convincible technology conditions and the elegant appearance.
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