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The fantasy express in Fantawild theme parks

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Text:Diane Zhang

Date: 21st Feb.


Fonte fantasy kingdom is one of the biggest theme park brands of China. It is a Cartoon theme park, which is widely recognized as the Chinese Disneyland. Brother Train combines international fashion and entertainment culture elements such as cartoon, to create a magical fantasy express full of fantasy and creativity. Which runs in the fonte kingdom daily.

The daily transportation capacity of our trains is up to dozens of thousands of people. And still no-doubtfully, our product guarantee the safety of our passengers perfectly for the last 15 years. Since we first partnership with Fonte, we have expanded with the business drastically with it. Their group, including “party Baxter happy world”, “the dream kingdom”, “water park”, “the Orient lucky draw” and “painting” group, the association of southeast Asian nations (asean) god, a total of five completely independent intellectual property rights of the theme park, has been in anhui wuhu, shenyang, liaoning province, shandong Qingdao, shandong taian, shandong jinan, zhengzhou, henan, hunan zhuzhou, fujian xiamen, tianjin, chongqing, gansu jiayuguan, shanxi datong, ningbo, zhejiang, guangxi nanning and other places more than 20 investment to build a theme park. And our trains are running in the former cities with the park as well.