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Lifting is A total blessing or maybe not so much?

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IN THE Coronavirus pandemic, few industries have fallen as far and as fast as tourism. As National Geographic Magazine commented. This year has been a “Back to ground zero” for every Tourism Industry performer. Yes, the technological revolution has made world closer more than ever, until 2019. When the airlines are easy and affordable, the hospitality choices are more diverse than RuPaul show’s participants. The revolution fueled billions of trips each year—Its seemed all that good, before 2020. The year we, everyone is commanded to shelter helplessly in places.


But amazingly, around the 8th lockdown around the whole world, theres some luminous seem yet to come. As a glimmer of hope, China, where has been through one of largest pandemic from the very beginning. Now surprisingly reporting that the pandemic is under control.  As following, the restrictions has been lifted in the country domestically. And the recovery of tourism economy is starting to show its signs. Tianjin Brother train Co., Ltd as one of the major player in the market, experience the drastically up and down through the year. “It has been a hell of a journey,” says the CFO Li Zihui, “with the these much twist and turns, I could have a heart attack if I consume alcohol.” The numbers of the company book once dropped like the stock market, and went straight back to the very top as a total surprise.  According to the Chinese tourism association, hotel bookings in China have increased by 40% the first week in September.  While daily flights rose 250% from the previous months. 


“Nobody see the situation could change this quick, ” Brother train Co., Ltd ’s COO comments emotionally, “if we are more prepared, it could be the big chance we’ve been waiting for ten years.” As a “drama” experienced company, Brother train Co., Ltd offer the best transportation solution, recommendation, prediction to the customer TOTAL FREE. Just talk to any of our agent online, they’ll answer all your confusions with the best understandings.