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Chinese biggest outdoor shopping center has chosen Brother trains

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TEXT:  Zhang dandan

Date: 9th May

Brother built the fantasy express in Chinese Disneyland with the best materials and most advanced technology. As leading the fashion of the tourism train industry in China, Brother has been cooperating with the strongest brands of Chinese tourism business over decades. The trusts of them id the best presentation of our products. 

In the late 2000s, a large number of outdoor shopping malls were built all around the country. Because the rising of consuming need of domestic market. European and American wholesalers like IKEA and PRIMARK came to the market as belong. The customers increased even sharply with the differential promoting approaches simulations. An unexpected problem happened. The over-crowed customers held up at the same location could cause a lot of safety issues.


The Wuxi outdoor outlets project manager came to ask Brother train for solution. The origin ides was that they want a very attractive rides which could appeal part of the costumers it, and avoiding the over-crowded problems at waiting points or I entrances. At that time, we had no experience of design a rail tram. The related product was an idea from the CEO.As the red double-decker bus first entered London in 1954.  In London that time, it had a loud name called “Landlord”. It used a traditional chassis and a front-mounted engine. While the brother train double-decker was invented in 2016, and it uses the American brand Cummings engine.

The cab is on the right side of the engine and the rear of the bottom compartment is completely open. The British media once called the road owner “the bus of the future”.And we also see this series of buses the new star products.

The double-decker was considered to have a light body and a revolutionary design. As for why red is chosen as the color of the car body, no one can really explain clearly, perhaps just to add a touch of color to the gray foggy Tianjin city.

The city of Tianjin is a city with a long history. Many streets are very narrow and crowded. Not long after it was launchd, the outlet shopping malls of China shown a very deep interests of our buses, but they were not sure about the qualities of the new products. Because the main products of the Brother train before, was occupied by wheeled trains. This new bus is not only a rail road products, but also a very new form of vehicle.

After very long discussions with the outlets managers, we came out a plan to built two rail roads in our own factory to test the buses. And the managers come to our factory to join the test process with our engineers. There were a lot of surprising outcomes of the tests. For example the upper deck was once acidification. And it was caused by the wrong choice of materials. With repeatedly innovations. The final version of this bus came out. It is safe pretty and economically friendly.

The first outlet center uses it was the Suzhou outlet. It vastly became a popular element of the out let shopping parks, because the appealing customer ability of it is not ignorable.Now over 10 outlets in China are using our double deckers to transfer customers day to day.