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Brother train brought dream into reality in Chaka salt lake

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Text: diane Zhang 

Date 17th March 


    A few months ago, the Chaka salt lake, known as China’s “sky lake”, was reported by a Japanese programs. Japanese famous artist Ayako Iben chose to go to Chaka salt lake, to find the Brother train there. Which realized the famous scene in <spirited away>. In the video, she stands in the middle of Chaka salt lake, and excitedly calls it the “magical scene” for the camera. She still likes our train a lot here!

    In Japan, the Chaka salt lake is famous for its resemblance to some of the famous scenes in Mr. Miyazaki’s “spirited away,” and many Japanese tourists want to experience it. The most famous one is the character Chihiro and no face man sitting together in the train together, to find the money grandma. Some have even speculated that Mr. Miyazaki used the Chaka salt lake in China as a reference point when he created the work.

    Chaka salt lake, located in Chaka town, wulan county, haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefecture, Qinghai province, is a famous natural crystal salt lake in qaidam basin, and also one of the “four landscapes” of Qinghai province. The lake is 15.8 kilometers long, 9.2 kilometers wide, and covers an area of 154 square kilometers. The lake is 3,059 meters above sea level, which is equivalent to 16 west lake in hangzhou. The lake is like a mirror, which can reflect the blue sky and white clouds. It is also known as the “mirror in the sky” in China due to its picturesque scenery. It was once named as “one of the 55 places you must go in your lifetime” by national geographic magazine and “one of the 30 most beautiful places in China” by CNN. Whether at home or abroad, the heat is quite high.

Nowadays, the tea card salt lake has become a web celebrity tourist destination, where people are falling over themselves to take wedding photos, travel, view and remember, which makes the scenic spot “miserable”. Therefore, the carrying capacity of the scenic spot can only be controlled by limiting the current. But the dense crowd still affects the viewing mood. If you travel, you should try to avoid the peak of the summer and the landscape is not particularly good in winter, spring and autumn to visit, the climate is suitable, if you happen to encounter a sunny day that is perfect. The rainbow will appear, the salt lake washed by the rain is clear and pure, the distance view is picturesque, get up early to see a sunrise, see dusk in the evening, count the stars in the evening.