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A further step into Future Tourism, and why am I bullish

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Dear customer,


It’s so excited for me that we share the same concern about future Tourism Industry. 

You see, it’s a cruel world, especially look at it from this very moment of history. The consequences came like karma non-stopping from the very beginning of 2020. It’s the 2012 apocalypse accidentally arrives late. If you are an ultimate Pessimist like me. Days won’t get bright any soon. But we still see light from it. Here’s my understandings, assumptions and why: 

From now on

Like the lore describes Phoenix reborn with flames and ashes. A lot of people see the endgame situation as a regeneration milestone. I really do agree. Sometimes people describe Market as a sourdough yeast. It never dies out, it just re-rise time to time. But how long this cyclically process will take, and how strong we should be to make through it? 


Globalization, one of human’s best innovations. Right after sandwiches and sporks. Human have been re-programmed to a globalized new creature in this century. The inner human-selves are all multicultural modernized soul-less Sam Winchester. ( from <Supernatural > 2005-2020.

If you never watch the show, it tells story of rise and fall of Queerbaiting.) An Asian woman could think partially like Agent J because she watches the movies too many times. Or a Caucasian man can fanboy over K-pop stars because he has the rights. Under this environment of our mother Earth. People traveled with less boundaries culturally. All generations felt very open with foreign content while people cross country traveled. BUT, after a long year of culture isolating from each other. Will tourists embraced the differences as soon as we wished? Will there be a depression of international traveling enthusiasm because the tourists are not so “ready” after rounds and rounds the pandemics.