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MINI V series

The mini series

The mini series is a collection of sweet dreams, of candy bars and chocolate chips. It shines its color like a Wes Anderson movie scenes. Light blue and olive green. Not as the other producers’ small trains. Our mini series has a sprit of creative and a well of originalism. The small little products are perfect for any family or business uses.


V Series Wheeled Sightseeing Coach

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Let’s take a quick look on

Locomotive Quick View


Dimensions: 5186*2220*3010mm

Bodywork: Dexterous,

Exquisite Passenger Capacity: 2

Maximum speed: 20km/h

Equipped with 3800cc displacement, European IV standard Cummins IFS fully electronically controlled engine, matched with 5DS50TA high torque transmission, EGR two-stage exhaust gas treatment system, German JOST heavy-duty special traction device, easily achieve all-terrain smooth traction, and fully protect the driving Personnel safety.

  • Blue fantasy

  • Glitter unicorn

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