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What is the type of fuel the trains are using?

Brother trains use only the efficient energy sources. Our power driven system can be select from diesel or electric. Both of our engine models can realize low emissions with high quality.  

How many hours can your electric train runs?

After charging, our electric train can run for 8-10 hours on a regular condition road. The numbers may have to change if the capacities differ largely or road conditions are extreme.

Our project build on a hill, can I still use tourist trains?

Absolutely! Both electric and diesel power trains can run on regular hills. But if your route has large slopes, our suggestion is to use diesel engine. Which could help you climb steep hills very effiencetly and safely.

What’s your engine brand?

Our engines are from IVECO and CUMMINS, we are the official partner of CUMMINS and IVECO for tourist trains. The guarantee of our engine is ensured worldwide.

How many passengers can seat on one coach?

We make coaches for 20 passengers, 24 passengers,  28 passengers, and 35 passengers.

Can we add advertise board on the trains?

Absolutely! We can make commercial boards according to your requirements.

Can I add my logo to the trains?

Absolutely! We can paint your logos in the style you want. 

We want to add wheelchair ramp on the train, is that possible?

Yes sure! We can apply ramps on the coaches. There are two style options, please see the photos for reference.

Will wheelchair ramps occupy the places of seats? If so how many seats will be taken?

Yes the installation of wheelchair ramp will supplant some spaces of seats. To be more specific, it will take two rows of chairs’ places, which is 2*8=16 seats.

The weather of our city is considerably cold, will your tourist trains be too cold to ride?

Absolutely not! We choose high strength materials which could prevent cold air come inside. And you can also install air-conditioner in the fully-closed coaches to warm the coach more efficiently.

The weather of our city is considerably hot, which train should I use?

We recommend you choose trains with open coaches. And we can install fans and air-conditioners in the coaches as well.

I want to buy a road train, how large is the container I need?

In general, 1 locomotive + 1 coach of brother train will need a 40’ HQ.  Similarly 2 coaches need a 40’ HQ as well.  If your train model is the extra large type, special containers will be applied.