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Nanshan Temple in Sanya application

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Nestling at the foot of Nanshan Mountain, an auspicious region famous for Chinese Buddhist culture with emphasis on longevity-happiness, Nanshan Temple was completed on 12 April, 1998. And the cooperation of Brother train and Nanshan Temple started at the year 2008. Which was the 2020th year of Buddhist culture spread to China. The route of Brother train in Nanshan temple tourism area started from the mountain gate. Which located at the bottom of the Nanshan mountain. And going through the green grass area. Where contains a considerable steep slope. The high quality of brother train is proved  here. Since this very high difficulty road is running our first generation train for over 12 years. The high strength materials of our train also made through years with the extreme weather of the Hainan province. Not far from the first batch went to the Nanshan tower, the excellent ratio of return of investment attracted the project t manager come to us for the second purchasing. And the total number of the trains they bought from us reached 15. Who running happily under the Nanshan in the brace of the Buddhist.