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Brother trains drive into the great wall

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“Up and down two thousand years, 100 thousand miles”, this ancient poetic sentence summed up the two characters of the Great Wall, the very long time of construction and the magnificent that nothing could reach for thousands of years.

And the fact that Brother Train is the only transportation enterprise that chose by the Great wall institution, it’s a fundamental proof of Brother’s ability. Brother train is reckoned as the first one of tourism train producer, and at the same time, it’s also provide the best quality and technology. The 25 years of focusing on the tourism train business, the never-stopped research, explore, experiment made the company’s status unshakable.Brother train produced over 40 vehicles for the great wall. Our best trackless trains are full of power and capable to carry over 70 passengers And they’re keeping running everyday under the entrance of the magnificent ancient wonder. No matter it’s raining or snowing. The good quality makes sure the Great wall could open every season. The complete after-sale services also ensure the unpredictable circumstances happens.

It is absolutely pride of Brother train that we could cooperate with our national wonder, the Great Wall. It can not be done if we are not treasure our passengers safety more than anything else. And keep good quality keep concentrating.